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geneRalS of liFe

My father was “Taita Palero”, a shaman of the Palo Monte religion. This religion worships several Saints and works with the dead and blood. When I was a child, he introduced my entire family to the Yoruba religion, as spiritual protection for his work with negative energies. In this religion, the deities are called Orisha.

Although I don’t actively practice it, I have always been very attracted to and curious about this religion. It’s also something that connects me to my late father.

The 4 pieces in this collection are inspired by  4 Orishas:

– General Mayá represents my mother who is the daughter of Yemayá.

– General Angó, inspired by Shangó, guardian angel of my father.

– General Shún. Inspired by Oshun, my wife.

– General Egüá, who is my guardian angel in this religion.

Basically, this collection talks about my connection with the 3 most important people in my life: my mom, my dad, and my wife.

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