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stage 4

expEctRal gaME

collect, get rewarded, and be inspired!

Join this unique game where you can purchase NFTs that focus on mental health motivation. Every NFT you buy unlocks a world of rewards and encouragement. Get ready to explore a collection of beautiful and meaningful artworks that uplift the spirit and promote mental well-being.

How to Play


Engage and Collect

Through this game, you have the opportunity to purchase unique pieces of art that resonate with the essence of personal growth and empowerment. Each NFT holds a story that can inspire and uplift, creating a meaningful connection between the art and your journey.


Rewarding NFT Purchases

When you buy an NFT, you unlock a chain of rewards that further enrich your collection. As a token of appreciation, you will receive a Motivational Phrase NFT, a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience within you. Additionally, by collecting five editions of these pieces you will earn a Unique Special color variation.


Rarity and Exclusivity

The game introduces a sense of rarity and exclusivity to your collection. Within this collection, you will find NFTs divided into different categories based on their number of editions. Each category represents a unique level of collectability, from more accessible editions to exceptionally rare pieces.

The Pieces

the Veiled Oracle

Stage 1 - 50 editions - 10 uniques color variations

Enigma of Nightmares

Stage 2 - 25 editions - 5 unique color variations

Whisperer of Shadows

Stage 3 - 25 editions - 5 unique color variations

Herald of Shadows

Stage 4 - 20 edition - 4 unique color variations

Get Started Now!

Start collecting unique and powerful Mental Health Motivation NFTs today. Let these vibrant artworks and motivational phrases be a constant reminder of the strength and resilience within you.